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Sari Silk Petite Rainbow ‘Seashells’

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The Sari Silk Collection is a limited edition. The Sari Silk used is hand dyed and torn so no batch is ever the same. This means I may not be able to ever recreate these colour combinations.

Please note if any of the rainbows do oversell due to an influx on the website & I cannot recreate them, the last person to purchase will unfortunately miss out. If this happens you will be contacted and I am happy to offer a refund or recreate the rainbow replacing the sari silk with the closest possible colour in cotton or yarn. 

All Sari Silk Rainbows are made with a mix of chunky cotton rope, hand dyed 100% NZ Merino Wool, Luxe Cottons & Sari Silk. 

As each piece is hand made to order, shape & size may vary slightly giving your rainbow its own unique look. Colours may also vary slightly as the materials used are hand dyed.

The Petite Rainbow measures approx. Width 30cm / Height 20cm 

The Rainbow has a D ring on the back so it can be hung from a small hook or nail. 

Please note this rainbow is for decorative purposes only, it is not a child’s toy.