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Our Rainbow Catalog is a collection of all the colour combinations we have made to date. To see current available combinations check out our Petite, Chunky, Dreamer and Dazzler Collections. 

We aim to do rainbow releases every 1 - 2 weeks. These will be announced our social media pages so I recommend you turn notifications on for our page so you don’t miss out. Each release will include a variety of colour combinations and sizes. 

We do not take pre orders, due to the demand this is the only way we are able to manage them in an orderly manner. 

All Rainbows are made with a mix of chunky cotton rope, hand dyed 100% NZ Merino Wool & Luxe Cottons. 

The Petite Rainbow measures approx. Width 30cm / Height 20cm 

The Chunky Rainbow measures approx. Width 36cm / Height 25cm 

The Dreamer Rainbow measures approx. Width 43cm / Height 48cm. 

The Dazzler Rainbow measures approx. Width 52cm / Height 54cm. 

As each piece is hand made to order, shape & size may vary slightly giving your rainbow its own unique look. Colours may also vary slightly as the materials used are hand dyed. 

Production time is approx. 2-3 weeks. 

Please note this rainbow is for decorative purposes only, it is not a child’s toy.

Sizes are Petite being the smaller, Chunky the middle (this is our original size), Dreamer & Dazzler the big statement pieces.