The shelves need to be cleared for new things. Never before seen prices. Limited stock... when it's goine it's gone!

Petite Pair Collection

The perfect pair if you ask me... but maybe I'm bias!

DIY Kit Collection

Get your creative juices flowing with our easy to follow DIY Kits. Discounts for multiple purchases.

Rattan Collection

Our Rattan Collection has been created to compliment our original Iron and Cub creations

Limited Edition Collection

A forever changing collection of limited edition pieces

Hi, I'm Harmony!

Welcome to Iron and Cub. I never knew I had a creative bone in my body until my daughter Pearl, 6 at the time, taught me macrame. That was the beginning of Iron and Cub. Our Chunky Rainbows were the first product that really blew things up and since then we have added DIY Kits, Luna's, Blossom's, Peace Signs, Doll Carriers and our newest Rattan Collection.

We are forever growing and have a few more things in the pipeline, so make sure you stick around!

Our Collections

Get your creative juices flowing with our DIY Kits

Our DIY Kits include easy to follow instructions with pictures. Choose from our Chunky Rainbow, Petite Rainbow and Petite Luna DIY Kits. We have lots of colour combinations to choose from or pick your own with our Custom Kits.